2017 Annual Suffolk District Dinner


This past April 2st was the Annual Suffolk District Dinner at Polish Hall in Riverhead. For those brothers who could not make it, you missed another fantastic event. The evening started with the cocktail hour and Brothers mingling and shaking hands and Bro hugs were in abundance for brothers that may not have seen each other in awhile, some as long as last year’s District Dinner. 

This is one of the highlights of the District Dinner each year is Brothers from all Lodges and some even beyond come together and enjoy a meal and each other’s company. For me anyway this is the best part of the evening. 

R:. W:. Glenn Rubin offered the Invocation and the official District Dinner was underway. The Masonic War Vets Post #23 then presented the colors of our country in their usual impeccable manor and the staff of the Polish Hall began serving the delicious ham, salad and the din of clinking knives and forks began.

During this time the conversation gets even livelier at each table as Brothers laugh and joke and talk about happenings in their private lives and their Lodges. It’s always interesting to just sit and listen and observe the Brother at the tables having such a wonderful time. 

The main course of Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and gravy comes in due time and I’d be remiss if I didn’t offer a modicum of advice to some of the Brothers. Don’t get out of your seat until after your table is served, especially if your Lodge Brothers are characters and jokers, like mine. Reminds me of that song, “Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, Here I am, stuck in the middle with you….”, but I digress. 

After the meal the distinguished guests are introduced and anyone who was present at past District Dinners would immediately have noticed was the absence of the familiar voice of our usual MC, R:.W:. Manny Abad. V:.W:. Pat Motyka did and awesome job filling in for him for the evening however.

R:.W:. Pete Stokke spoke about the funds raised for the Camp Turk wish List and presented a check to the Grand Master for this purpose. if you’d like you can send your own or purchase and item the camp needs and you can find the Wish List HERE

On the heartwarming side, W:. Kenn Brown presented a check of funds collected for benefit of the Northport VA and Long Island State Veterans Home as well the the District Benevolent Fund. 

One order of business after introducing all our distinguished guests included The M:. W:. Jeffrey Williamson, was to announce the winner of the Mason of the Year. I, as well as all present were glad to R:.W:. Manny Abad testimonial dinnergive our applause as it was awarded, in absentia, to R:. W:. Manny Abad for all he has done for the District. Unfortunately R:.W:. Manny was not up to attending but sent his regards and thanks.

Our own R:.W:. DDGM Lloyd Patterson then spoke to all assembled and the winners of the Meachem Awards that were not given at the GLC last month, were presented, along with the attendance trophy.

Dessert was now being served and the Grand Master, M:. W:. Jeffrey Williamson spoke to those in attendance about our commitments as Masons and to our Craft. His talk was well received and appreciated by all in attendance. 

If I missed anyone I apologize as I was preoccupied several times throughout the evening and may have missed a few. Please feel free to add to in the comments below. 

Overall the District dinner is always a highlight of the year for many. Also don’t forget the hard work that is put in to get this event going and running smoothly. V:. W:. Pat Motycka, W:. Larry Pfaff & W:. Charlie Monte, DSA, did a wonderful job as usual. R:.W:. Glenn said the benediction and the evening come to a close

At the end of the evening V:.W:. Pat reminded all present that should they wish to share any pictures they took during the event to contact the Suffolk District Webmasters so find out where to send their pictures. You can reach the Webmasters via email at or just head on over to the Contact Us Page. Once a selection of pictures are received we’ll post them in the Photo Gallery for all to see. You can see the Photo Gallery Here.