OPEN Casting for the 2020 Grand Lecturer’s Convention
Please see the signup attached to add yourself to the roaster for a part(s).
This Years GLC will focus on the First Degree of Masonry.
The GLC will be as follows:

1. Open of the First Degree (opening team)
2. Do entire first section to the end of the altar work (in 2019 Standard work and lectures book this it to the point the WM bangs the gavel on page 107)
3. The Apron Presentation
4. The Lecture of Forms and Reasons as a Walkabout (2019 Standard Work and lectures book pages 126-129)

The AGLs are looking to fill these parts with willing volunteers. Please be able to take a part and commit to doing it from memory. Please add your name to the signup ASAP! There will be a rehearsal TBA about 1-2 weeks prior to the GLC. Please contact the AGLs for any questions or comments.

You may sign up for both opening team on 1st degree and the degree team if you wish. Please also consider being a part of the highlight of the day with the Lecture of Reasons Q & A (the SD will Ask the Questions and the volunteers will answer one each in turn). This year will be a highly dynamic GLC so be sure and sign up early to get the part you want, first come first served!

Please see the District BAND for the signup form.  Or email the AGLs at and requests a position, first come first served.

**Please be advised** if you wish to sign up for the WM on the Degree Team there will be a slight deviation from the Stand Work and Lectures as requested by the Grand Lecturer, it will be interesting!