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146 Riverside Drive

Riverhead, NY 11901                                                                             January 2, 2020


I hope this letter finds you well and you are enjoying your year so far. I am contacting you regarding the upcoming Masonic Development (MDC) classes. Registration is open now and will close on February 5th. Attached please find the application and schedule for the MDC to share with your Lodge. Please notice that the dates and site have changed from the District Trestle Board for the weekday classes due to conflicts with changes in the DDGM Official Visits.

The purpose of this course is to review the three degrees of masonry which we have all completed and to look further into what they are intended to teach us and reflect on what each means to the individual. Please assist me in informing the Brethren of your Lodge and encourage all Master Masons to sign up as soon as possible.

All though this course is most often thought of as a course for new Maser Masons, all Master Masons are encouraged to enlist. Often a man who has traveled further on the road of masonry can give insight form a different perspective that will invigorate the new Mason to strive harder to improve himself.


The cost of this course will be $35.00, which will cover all supplies, certificate, pin, and a graduation dinner to be held in the spring. Brothers who are interested should send their completed application along with a check payable to Matthew Dinizio as soon as possible. This is needed to give enough time to acquire all the necessary materials.


Please read this communication at your next meeting and, if possible, mention it in the next lodge communication. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Sincerely and Fraternally,


R:. W:. Matthew Dinizio

Grand Steward

2020 Road to the East Information and Registration Form


Greetings My Brothers,

As your Grand Lodge Staff Officer, I am responsible for ensuring that Masonic Education thrives here in the Suffolk District. Below you will find dates for the Masonic Development Course.


Riverhead Lodge                           Suffolk (60) Lodge


Session 1       February  8     9:00 AM                      February 11    7:00 PM


Session 2       February 15    9:00 AM                      February 19    7:00 PM


Session 3       February 22    9:00 AM                      February 25    7:00 PM


Please CLICK HERE for the MDC application.

For all those who have received the 3 degrees of Masonry and just starting out on your Masonic journey or just want more Masonic knowledge. This course is highly recommended.