A New Normal? Happening now and in the future

What have we learned over the past month or so during this crisis? As the M:.W:. William Sardone reminds us; “Freemasonry never stops”. There is always something to do or get involved in even while at home.

So initiatives we have seen from the District and Jurisdiction show how even though we are socially distancing and semi isolated we can still be active and helpful to our fellow members of the human race. Much information is on the Grand Lodge website about activities around the jurisdiction. If nothing else you can donate to the Brotherhood fund for COVID-19 assistance for our Brothers that may have been financially impacted here -> https://nymasonicbrotherhoodfund.org/component/jdonation/?view=donation&Itemid=455

There is also the COVID-19 mask initiative which you can learn more about in this video from GM Sardone -> https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1126629631024526

If you don’t have facebook or the video won’t launch you can check them out on the Grand Lodge website at http://nymasons.org . There is a good wealth of info there to go over if you have not been over to a have a look.

Things seem to be getting better as of this writing around NY so we hope we can all meet together soon in Lodge and start getting back to normal. In the interim many Lodges and Brothers have been organizing video chats online so members can interact and socialize online during this difficult time. If you have not been connecting to these online video chats you should. Check with your Master or Secretary to see if they are organizing something for your Lodge.

Help the less technologically advanced Brothers to connect and sit back and watch the hilarity. There has been talk of maybe doing and online degree. Word from the Grand Lecturer is pretty clear, that would be a big NO. Online socializing and gathering like a collation before or after a Lodge meeting is wonderful and should be encouraged, ritual in front of a camera on the internet or both is verboten!

Also check on Brothers and friends and let them know you are thinking about them and see if they may require any assistance. As long as it can be done s as not to compromise or put someone in harms way, let try and do what we can responsibly.

Lastly there are still some District Planned events that are still going on, albeit not until June or later but good to plan ahead. The fundraisers and events are on the district calendar and the DIstrict BAND. As Lodges start to gather and plan again don’t forget to add your events to the BAND or notify the District Webmasters at least so they can get it on the District Calendar for all. Please add or notify of events 3-6 weeks prior to the event so it can be displayed and added to the monthly newsletter.

There are many who have expressed that they never thought they’d miss going to lodge this much or planning to grab the Suffolk traveling gavel. In the meantime, read your standard work and lectures, order a book about Freemasonry online (Ron Seifried’s recently published Long Island Freemasons would be an excellent addition to oa Brothers bookshelf). Keep busy and we’ll be back on Lodge before you know it.