28 Jul

Jephtha Lodge get Wikipedia page 2021

From the BAND/ Jephtha Lodge – W:. Ron Seifried

It took a couple of years of back and forth with the editors, but Jephtha Lodge No. 494 F. & A. M. now as an official Wikipedia page! The first Long Island Masonic Lodge to get a page!

This is very cool stuff!

Jephtha Lodge Wikipedia page

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01 Jun

There are no Shortcuts in Freemasonry

There are No Shortcuts in Freemasonry

If you want to do something worthwhile, whether it is in Freemasonry, a relationship, a business or life in general, it is so important to see it through and never give up, no matter what obstacles come up. Of course you can look at ways to make it more efficient and create avenues to get you to where you want to be. However, you’ll find that most success stories that appear to have taken off overnight will have taken years of dedication and commitment to get it to that point.  It’s the blood, sweat and tears that make anything of any real importance worth it in the end. In other words you must put in the work.

Settling for an arranged life.

Who wants a boring, mediocre life?  This is what happens if you settle for just about anything, like your job, your relationship and your life.  We’re all here for a pretty short period of time, so why waste it doing things just because that’s how it is. This applies to Freemasonry as well. Who wants to hear mediocre ritual or boringly routine meetings about the same bills meeting after meeting.

I’m guessing you don’t want to look back at your life and wish you’d done it differently; hopefully you’ll want to glance back in wonder and amazement over what you have achieved.  You’ll realize that the best things in life, the worthwhile things, took guts, determination and hard work. Volunteering to do a part of the ritual that you have never attempted before is one way to challenge yourself and improve yourself in Masonry.

It’s not about fixing something; it could be about creating something new and starting fresh.  Sadly life can become a bit of a habit, doing the same old thing, day after day and until one day it dawns on you that you’re not really living at all–you’re existing.  As the great man Anthony Robbins once said “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” So grab life NOW and don’t settle.

Are you a Tiger or a Sheep?

At school, you’re taught a certain way in life, to go to college, university, get a job, get married, have kids and live happily ever after.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but try looking at it differently.  Why do what everyone else is doing? Why do what’s expected of you just because there’s some unwritten manual in life that everyone else seems to be following? Again reach out, find out what your Lodge needs and get involved. Sometimes a great thing just needs a Brother to pick up the ball and run with it. As a leader in the craft you need to know your members and their strengths. Set them up for success and assure nobody is benched, find a project or something they can dig into. Make sure they have the support they need. There will always be leaders and followers, sometimes a leader is just in follower’s clothing and just needs that one motivation to take a lead role in something they are passionate about.

Want To Build a Positive Mindset?

Each of us was born unique.  We were all created to be who we were and that’s being YOU.  There’s no one else like you on this planet, so why are you trying to be like everyone else?  Find the courage to be yourself and follow your heart. Don’t be ashamed of how you feel. Go out and do it, and you’ll inspire others to do the same.  And remember, “a tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep”–so what are you, a tiger or a sheep? Leaders will emerge at the time an place required. The tiger/sheep mindset must always be tempered with the ability to work with others and lead by example, “who can best work and best agree”. We cannot supplant the Lodge’s needs with our own ambitions.

Taking the “easy route.”

Life can be a struggle, but if you are settling because you are afraid of what it might throw at you, then don’t! It’ll throw stuff at you anyway!  If you give up on yourself and your dreams, you are giving up on life, and what a waste that would be.  It’s so easy to take the “easy route,” except aren’t you worth more than that? Don’t you think you’ve got something more powerful inside of you, more capable at beating all the odds if it came to it?

Each struggle is a chance to learn and provide you with a great new experience. If you want an awesome life, adversity will be around every corner, but that’s what makes it so wonderful.  Remember sometimes you’ll have to take a step backwards to take 100 steps forward; it’s that journey that makes it all the more worthwhile. Never give up on yourself.

Belief in oneself is key to making our Masonic ‘career’ a success or at least just not mediocre. We all work in the “quarries” and its imperative we work as a group. Every group needs leaders and workers. Its not set in stone (no pun intended), that the roles could change and often do.

Forgiving people instead of ignoring their existence.

Forgiveness isn’t about letting the other person “off the hook.” It’s more about ending the suffering for yourself. Forgiveness provides you with peace of mind, a way to move forward and provide yourself the gift of freedom. Without it, happiness can be limited. When you forgive someone else, you are giving yourself permission to forgive yourself, which makes healing your own life that much easier to do.

People come and go in our lives. They each teach us something about ourselves.  Whether someone hurt, betrayed or loved us, each provide a valuable lesson to learn from.

Lessons learned from every experience and every task or place or station in the Lodge has something within it and an opportunity for young and old alike to learn and grow from. Don’t put aside menial tasks as pointless, learn from them. Always look for ways to improve them and yourself.

Putting things off until tomorrow.

This is something most of us can relate to and let’s be honest, when we say, “I’ll do it tomorrow” we usually mean, “I can’t do that” or “I don’t want to do that” and it rarely ever happens. But if you want to make an immediate impact on your life, this is where you need to pull your socks up and take some action.  Choose one thing that you’ve been putting off for months and do it today. Roll those sleeves up and really dive in. You will feel wonderful once you’ve started, and imagine how you’ll feel once it’s completed!

“Actions speak louder than words” which is absolutely true here, if you put things off they’ll only come back to bite you later on, so why not just get it done today.  It’s a choice you have to make, the choice to live by your word, and you’ll be amazed at how those around you will follow suite. If you start each day being intentional, you’ll become a lot more productive and heaps happier!

Leaving everything to chance.

When you get up every morning, what do you dedicate your life to that makes a difference to the world?  If you’ve no idea what that is, then you need to work out what it is you want.  Once you work out your true feelings and desires, and take action in line with that, you’ll end up getting more from life than you ever expected. Opportunities and possibilities will start flowing your way, as long as you’ve known what it is you want.

You’ve got to have some kind of plan for your life or a purpose. Then you’ll know that what you do every day is aimed towards that.   Don’t just wait for life to happen to you; make it count, because once it’s gone it’s gone, and you’ll want to leave some kind of legacy for the world to aspire to.  Make sure every moment counts!

Its and unwritten rule that if the Master asks you to do something and your cable tow allows for it, you should not refuse. Every thing you do in life prepares you for leadership in the Craft and if asked to take a leadership role, take it!

Keeping quiet instead of speaking up.

If you’ve ever experience unrequited love, you’ll understand why sometimes the fear of rejection will stop you from saying those three important words.  In life, there are no guarantees, and if the fear of saying “I love you” outweighs the fear of not saying it, then you could be in for one of the biggest regrets of your life.

You know people will come and go from your life, some quickly taken from you and some because you realized they were worth your time.   Try not to take important people for granted; you’ll never know how long you have got them here for. The best gift you can give is your full attention. Be present at all times and always say how you feel.  There is nothing worse than wishing you’d said something when you could, so always remember to speak up.

We are admonished to demand respectful treatment from your neighbor, but first command your own self respect. Let nothing be more intolerable in your sight than the letting down of yourself to a lower level. Bid men come up to you, but refuse to descend a single step to them. Do not measure your importance by your titles or your money, but by the texture of your character and the cleanliness of your speech.

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17 May

Flag Placement at Calverton


The Suffolk Masonic District will again partake in Flag placement ceremonies after a 1 yr hiatus at Calverton Nat’l Cemetery.
We will meet at Section 13
Saturday, May 29th.
Flag placement starts in our section at 10:00 am.
Get there early to beat the traffic. Please invite your family and friends to join us.
Flag Pick up will be the following
June 5th at 9:30 am
Let’s have a nice turnout to show our enthusiasm and patriotism. Many other lodges in our District will also be represented.
I’m looking forward to seeing many of you and your families and friends.
Thank you.
R:.W:. Bob Brovetto
PDDGM 2008-2010

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28 Jan

Jephtha No. 494 supports United Veterans Beacon House

From W:. Ron Seifried via FB;

I am very pleased to share that my home lodge Jephtha No. 494 F. & A.M., in coordination with the Knights of Columbus, purchased prepared boxes of hot meals from Brunello’s in East Northport and delivered them to United Veterans Beacon House in Bay Shore.
This charitable contribution was made from the net proceeds of my book, “Long Island Freemasons”.
Jephtha Lodge plans to repeat this charitable act in February and March.
I want to thank everyone that purchased my book, with all net proceeds contributed to our local veterans.
Very special thanks to W:. Anthony Colonna and Brothers Bill Fenty Jr and Bill Fenty III for facilitating the project distribution details.

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04 Jan

LIPMA Launches COVID Relief for Lodges in 2021

The Long Island Past Masters Association has launched the LIPMA COVID Relief for Lodges grant program to assist struggling lodges in the District.

Read More here:

LIPMA COVID Assistance to Lodges Relief Fund – LIPMA

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29 Jun

Latest on Lodge reopening and more

Rather then type out a whole long post I figured it would be just as easy to share the Grand Masters video posts on whats happening  around the jurisdiction and latest news on the Lodge closings, etc.. So here it is…

GMs message for June 28th

If you cannot get to the Facebook watch page or would rather not, you can find the video posted on the Grand Lodge landing page here -> Grand Lodge of NY main webpage

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11 Jun

The return of Music to the Lodge room

The return of Music to the Lodge room

Wikipedia describes Masonic Lodge music thus:

Masonic music has been defined as “music used in connection with the ritual and social functions of freemasonry”.

An Essay about Masonic Music from “A Page about Freemasonry

By ANDREW M BERGMAN, Lodge Mutual #53 GL South Africa

(Quoting sources from H.C.Robbins Landon)

IN THE 18th century Western Europe was swept with Freemasonry, membership of the Brotherhood being not only popular, but also highly fashionable. This was no less true in musical circles.

On 5 December 1784 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was proposed for membership in the Viennese Lodge “Zur Wohltatigkeit”.

On 14 December, he was accepted as an Entered Apprentice. Ten days later he visited the most noteworthy Austrian Lodge of all, “Zur wahren Eintracht”, of which the Grand Master was the famous humanitarian scientist Ignaz von Born.

Interestingly enough, Mozart probably persuaded his friend Haydn to become a Mason, and Haydn was supposed to be initiated in the fashionable Lodge “Zur wahren Eintracht” on 28 January 1785.

Mozart was there to receive Haydn, but the news had reached Eszterhaza Castle (where Haydn was Kapellmeister to Prince Esterhazy) too late, and Haydn’s reception was therefore postponed.

On 11 February, Haydn was initiated but Mozart could not attend since he playing the premiere of his D minor concerto K466 at the Mehlgrube in Vienna. At the end of March Leopold Mozart (Wolfgang’s father) also joined the Mason’s and was rapidly promoted to Master by special dispensation. To complete this distinguished society of 18th century musical Masons, one should perhaps add that Beethoven was also a Freemason.

In the turmoil of the was with France, the Austrians grew panicky about “secret societies” and in the mid 1790s Masonry was forbidden in Austria and remained so until the end of World War I. The hard world of Metternich’s “Realpolitik” could tolerate no society which was dedicated to the brotherhood of man and supposedly “to the abolition of political borders”.

Mozart has left us a considerable heritage of Masonic pieces, most of them intended for actual use in Viennese Lodges.

As Mozart was not officially affiliated to any of the big Viennese churches, Mozart wrote some of his most interesting music for the Great Architect. There are even those who say that in his opera “The Magic Flute”, Mozart fell foul of the Lodges as a result of some mystical imagery which could well be interpreted as “revealing secrets of Freemasonry”. The fact is that any Masonic imagery used by Mozart could only be seen by Masons. This is no more that Shakespeare did, often creating a little “laugh on the side” for his Brethren, that would not be picked up by non-Masons.

On the CD entitled “Freimaurermusik” (Masonic Music [Decca 425 722-2]), much of Mozart’s Lodge Music is preserved.

The cover depicts a reproduction of a painting by an anonymous artist from the “Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien” of a scene from a Viennese Lodge. South Africa Masons who are familiar with the differences between the rituals in various Constitutions will agree that the layout of this Temple is more similar to our South African/Netherlandic models than either English, Scottish or Irish.

Tracks include “O heiliges Band der Freundschaft treuer Bruder” (Oh, holy bond of the friendship of true Brothers) and the “Gesellenreise” (the Journey of the Fellowcraft) which sings “Die ihr einem neuen Grade der Erkenntnis nun euch naht…” (You who now approach a new Degree of understanding…).

Special “Maurerische Trauermusik” for a Lodge of Mourning underlines the specific use for which Mozart penned his notes.

“Lasst uns mit geschlungen Handen, Bruder, diese Arbeit enden…” (With clasped hands, brethren, let us end this work…) is the final track.

Tenor Werner Krenn, baritone Tom Krause and the Edinburgh Festival Chorus sing with the London Symphony Orchestra under the Baton of Istvan Kertasz – a memorable musical experience, even for non-Masons.

An indispensable asset to the collection of any Director of Music, the insert leaflet gives translations of the songs in English, French and Italian. The CD is available (probably on order only) from any good classical music store.

Andrew Bergman

An Alternative to Live Musician is available

Music in Lodge so much improved the ritual that it should be present at all Lodge meetings. Sadly only a handful of Lodges have talented Organists or Musicians to play live music. Some Lodges have adapted to adding recorded music during Lodge ceremonies which is a viable substitute. Sometimes finding the right music to play is as difficult as finding a Musician.

My Lodge Organist website offers an easy and free way to add the Organs tones to any Masonic ritual or ceremony. Although a login is required to get to the music there is no charge for the service and it offers a playlist for almost all occasions and them some.

You can find the site here -> My Lodge Organist

Of course a PC or smartphone with internet access and some speakers to amplify the sound are all that is required. The site offers hints on where and how to play the tunes it contains plus some interesting articles on Masonic Music and some interesting recordings.

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04 Jun

2020 Joint Statement

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20 May

Stay at home and Masonic Ritual

Stay at Home and Masonic Ritual Practice


It sounds like a contrite thing to say during this unusual time. However as one of the District AGLs it would seem almost a dereliction of duty not to say it. If you are at home, working from home, etc. why not open the Standard Work and Lectures (2007 or 2019) and get a jump on learning a part of the Ritual.

There are many things one can study up on.

  • If you are and officer make sure you know your part of the open/close of the lodge and the Brother in the chair ahead of you.
  • Also maybe hunker down and learn a lecture or a part of a lecture and be prepared to step up and offer yourself to give lecture or the Q & As.
  • Pick up or download a book on Freemasonry, it’s history, philosophy or other aspect.
  • Maybe you are a content sideliner, what better time to get the Middle Chamber lecture put to memory.

There are a mirriod of books, ideas and things to study when it comes to Freemasonry and it’s ritual, customs and philosophy. When we emerge from this stay at home and return to lodge it should be an awakening as we have all had the time to commit a few minutes a day to study.

Below are some links to sites geared toward helping with memorization and techniques one can use to do it with low stress.

Tips for memorizing Ritual

Learning and Memorizing Ritual – PDF

You Tube video on successful memorization


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Grand Lodge of the State of New York
20 May

Masonry never stops

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