Blood Drive

Suffolk Masonic District Blood Drive

To All Brothers of the Suffolk Masonic District,

This next Suffolk Masonic District Blood Drive will be held (TBD) at the Civil Air Patrol building, located at 1600 Lincoln Avenue in Holbrook. Sponsored by the Medford Square Club and hosted by the Civil Air Patrol, this will be the Suffolk District’s tenth annual Fall Blood Drive since we began holding them in 2008.

As always, there are immense challenges to our local blood supply and the Long Island Blood Services, who provides life-saving blood products to hospitals throughout Nassau, Suffolk and Queens, are regularly forced to import blood from other blood centers in the United States, because they can’t independently meet the local demand.

Unfortunately our region regularly suffers from a shortage of local blood donors and very low donor frequency. In fact only 2% of our local eligible population donates blood each year and those who do; don’t do so often enough. Meanwhile, if only 1% more of our local, eligible population donated regularly, blood shortages would disappear.

What does this mean to us?
As Masons, we’re taught that a Mason’s charity should be universally extensive and we’re admonished to be charitable to all mankind, for “Charity extends beyond the grave, through the boundless realms of eternity.” There is no alternative for human blood and as a blood donor, your precious gift may be the difference between life and death for a person in desperate need. What better selfless, unconditional and voluntary contribution is there, than the gift of life?

What can we do to help?
Donating takes only about one hour from the moment you sign in until the moment you’re cleared to leave and just one pint of donated blood can help save the lives of as many as three people. In order for our district blood drives to be successful, the support of every lodge is necessary. For this reason each lodge is asked to pledge a minimum of just two donors. As this is a public event, open to Masons and non-Masons alike, each brother is encouraged to enlist friends and family members as well. While walk-ins are always welcome, appointments are appreciated.

To schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you or should you have any specific questions or concerns about donating blood, or this blood drive in particular, I can be reached by phone at 631-716-0292 or via e-mail HERE .

Thank you in advance for your support of this worthwhile cause and for sharing this information with your lodge brethren.

Fraternal regards,

W:.Hugh C. Dungey, DSA
Blood Drive Committee Chairman
Suffolk Masonic District





Who Can Give Blood

Age Matters!

Donors age 76 and older can continue to donate blood if they meet all donor criteria and present a physician’s letter allowing them to donate.

Donors must be at least 17 years old (16 years old with appropriate written permission (NY) or consent (NJ) from their parent or legal guardian – form can be printed from list below) and weigh 110 pounds and be in good health. Donors age 16-18 are also subject to additional height/weight restrictions.

The Most Common Reasons For Not Being Able To Give Blood

There are many permanent or temporary reasons someone may not be eligible to donate blood. The most common reasons are listed below. Some medications or medical conditions can also impact your donation eligibility. Links to those are included below.

Temporary Reasons

Condition Length of time before you can give blood
Not feeling well for any reason until symptoms are over
Cold, sore throat, respiratory infection, flu until 3 days after symptoms are over
Travel to an area of the world where malaria is a problem 12 months after return
Certain cases of heart disease contact us for medical eligibility at 1-800-688-0900
Ears, nose or skin piercing 12 months after procedure unless done under sterile conditions
Tattoos if applied in NJ, no wait: If elsewhere, 12 months after application
Blood transfusion 12 months after receiving blood
Full-term pregnancy, abortion or miscarriage six weeks after end of pregnancy
Surgery, serious injury when healing is complete and feeling well
Syphilis, gonorrhea 12 months after treatment completed
Have had certain forms of cancer contact us regarding medical eligibility 1-800-688-0900
Have had sex with someone who has viral hepatitis 12 months after last incident
You are a woman who had sex with anyone listed in the first five items under Permanent Reasons below 12 months after last incident
You are a man who had sex with anyone listed in the first four items under Permanent Reasons below (Note that the fifth item is a permanent exclusion for men). 12 months after last incident


Antibiotics (except antibiotics for acne) if taken for infection when treatment is complete
Accutane, Proscar and Propecia 1 month after taking last dose
Avodart 6 months after taking last dose
Soriatane 3 years after taking last dose
Coumadin 14 days after taking

Permanent Reasons

Please do not give blood if you:

  • Have used illegal drugs with a needle, even once
  • Are a hemophiliac
  • Have ever had a positive test for HIV (AIDS virus)
  • Are a man or woman who has had sex for money or drugs any time since 1977
  • Are a man who has had sex with another man since 1977, even once
  • Had viral hepatitis or a positive test for viral hepatitis any time after your eleventh birthday
  • Had certain forms of cancer (contact us regarding medical eligibility at 1-800-688-0900)
  • Had babesiosis or Chagas disease
  • Have taken Tegison for psoriasis
  • Have Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) and/or a blood relative who had CJD
  • Had a corneal transplant


  • Most people with diabetes, and most people on medications other than those noted above, are eligible to donate blood. For specific medical eligibility guidelines, call us at 1-800-688-0900.
  • People who have been in certain countries outside the United States may be deferred depending on the country and the length of time spent there.
  • The reasons for not being eligible to donate blood may have changed after this brochure was printed.

An Urgent Request: Please do not give blood just to find out your HIV (AIDS virus) test results. If you need information on where to go for confidential HIV testing, please call your local health department.