Can’t go to the lecture..bring the lecture to you

It is a responsibility that every Lodge Master takes on to provide Masonic education at every Lodge meeting. In a bygone era oration or oratory was an art form, some say it’s a lost art form. Freemasonry has relied on oratory to pass down it’s rituals and history since time immemorial. 

In the sometimes slow, but more often quick pace or march through time it seems that men have less and less time to learn the art of public speaking or oratory. Now into the 21st century it seems the demands on a man’s time are bending the shape of the 24 inch gauge to make it almost unusable as an instrument used by Freemasons; but the cleverness of mankind has provided an alternative. 

As it was one said, “If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain.”, coined by Sir Francis Bacon. 

The Chancellor Robert Livingston Library has instituted a YouTube Channel and is featuring Masonic Lecturers on a regular basis. So it follows if the lecturer can’t or won’t come to your Lodge, the Lodge must go to the Lecturer. This is an economical way to bring some well known and well spoken Masonic Lecturers right into your Lodge or for individual Brothers to watch and listen and learn. 

You can find the channel here: > Chancellor Robert Livingston Library YouTube

An example of one of the latest lectures, titled:


The Purpose of Initiation in Masonry

There are a series of others and they are quite good. If the 20 or 40 minutes is a bit too taxing to show in its entirety, maybe just watch it at home and write some questions about what the speaker is discussing, then show just select clips and ask the questions of your Brothers in Lodge and start them thinking.

It is a good way to get quality Masonic speakers. of course it’s always better to see them in person and be able to ask questions of the speaker themselves. But as an alternative I believe it can be a good thing.