Brethren, sometimes its the simplest things that trip us up, like the difference between Conducting and Escorting.

Conducting is only done during a Degree by a Conductor. It is done by wrapping your arm, either over or under, the Candidates and then holding him either by his wrist or his hand. This is done so that you have complete control over his direction.

Escorting is what we do when we are bringing Distinguished Brothers or Special Guests into the Lodge room or to the East. This is done by offering your right elbow (think “I’m a little Tea Pot”) to that person and having them interlock their arm with yours.

Conducting is done with the left hand. Escorting with the right elbow. If all else fails just remember that your left hand is capable of making the letter ‘C’

As always Brethren, I hope this helps and clears up some confusion.