Masonic Development Course Schedule

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Masonic Development Course Synopsis


To educate newly made Masons in each of the 3 Degrees including the: Ritual, Tradition and History of Masonry. The Brothers will be instructed in the Origin of Freemasonry, the Purpose of Freemasonry and will be introduced to Famous Freemasons. It is recommended that this course be taken immediately after the Brother has completed the Master Mason Degree.

• The Masonic Development Course (in a booklet) will be distributed in advance of session 1 to allow sufficient time to do the homework assignment

• In the Introduction to the MDC the instructors will define Freemasonry. The Brother(s) will be given an insight into the Origin, Purpose, Famous Freemasons, Transition from Operative to Speculative Masonry, Origin of First Grand Lodge, is Freemasonry a Secret Society, is it a Religion, Qualifications of a Petitioner, Preparation and the Dignity and Decorum of Freemasonry.

• The first section also explains the Entered Apprentice Degree. The Brother(s) will review and discuss the Why’s and Wherefores, Questions and Answers, and other questions pertaining to the Ritual. All quiz and discussion questions will be reviewed and discussed by all participants.

• In the second section the importance of the Middle Chamber Lecture is discussed and explained. In this section the Brother(s) will discuss the symbolism of the Fellowcraft Degree. All quiz and discussion questions will be reviewed and discussed by all participants.

• The last section explains the Hiramic Legend will be discussed and explained as well as the meaning of the Master Mason Degree

• Every Brother taking the course will receive a personal copy of the Standard Work and Lectures.

• By the end of the third section every Brother should have a working knowledge of each of the 3 Degrees and should be able to explain the meaning and importance of each Degree.

Road to the East Schedule

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Road to the East Synopsis