Currently the Grand lodge of New York in developing a Speakers Bureau designed to make it easy to provide quality Masonic Education at lodge meetings throughout the State of New York. This tool allows Lodges to search for Masonic speakers by name, topic, or geographic area.
You have been identified as an accomplished speaker that has enriched the masonic experience in lodges over the years. We would like to add you to our list of speakers, and where you would be available to speak, and any special arrangements that need to be made. I have provided the information needed and an example of how it will be displayed on our Speakers Bureau website. Please provide the requested information and email it to
If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 917 331 6190
RW David Menegon

Information needed for each Speaker
Name: speakers name and attach a photo to be included on the website
Contact Information: Email / Phone #
Geography: where speaker resides, where available to speak special arrangements to be made.
Speaker Bio: less than 50 words
Topic: select topic for drop down menu search. Current Categories: Biography, Education, Masonic Outreach, History, Freemasonry Today, Masonic Care Community, Order of DeMolay and youth organizations. Non-Masonic Topics, Personal Growth, Leadership, Philosophy, Ritual, Spiritualism, Other.
Lectures/Talks: topic title, description and time/leanth . Let then 80 words

Speaker Information Example
Name: RW David J. Menegon
Contact: ; (c) 917-331 6190
Geography: Metro area for free; anywhere in the state for transportation and lodging
Bio: Past District Deputy Grand Master of First Manhattan District; Current Senior Grand Deacon, Grand Lodge of the State of New York. Retired Colonel United States Army, thirty-year military career as a Civil Affairs Officer in Special Operations working with civilian populations and Governments to rebuild every aspect of civil society in a time of crisis and war. Service Bosnia, Cuba, Kosovo, Jordan and four combat tours in Iraq
Topic: Freemasonry Today.
Patriotism, America, and Free Masonry, the Corner Stone to Civil Society. How our principles rebuild communities and countries.
What is the meeting of being a “Patriotic American” and how the Fraternity and tenets of Free Masonry have contributed to civil society and rebuild countries over centuries. RW David Mengeon will discuss the differences between Nationalism, Patriotism, and Tribalism. How the tenants of Masonry is the cornerstone to communities and its positive effects in society. (30 Minutes)
Speaker information example
Name: RW Samuel Lloyd Kinsey
Contact: ; (c) 917-770-1793
Geography: Metro area for free; anywhere in the state for transportation and lodging
Bio: Past Master of Mariners Lodge No. 67; Past Assistant Grand Lecturer of First Manhattan District; Past District Deputy Grand Master of First Manhattan District; current Chairman, Custodians of the Work.

Topic: Ritual.
Ritual as a Roadmap to Historical Masonic Practice explores elements of our Ritual that may be confusing or misunderstood by Masons in the modern day and explains how they reflect the evolution of Masonic practices over time by tracing the pathway that leads from Chalk, Charcoal and Clay to the Trestlebord and all the way to the Master’s Carpet. (30 minutes)

Topic: Ritual
Three Levels of Masonic Meaning explains the three different ways that Masonic Ritual and Symbolism can be understood by explaining and contrasting the differences between what is in the book, the factual information we can gather about what is in the book, and the speculations we can form about what is in the book that are (hopefully but not always) informed by factual knowledge. This talk is illustrated by an exploration of the reason we wear one shoe as Ritual Candidates. (30 minutes)
Topic: Ritual
The Holy Saints John in the Masonic Context explains the historical associations between the Saints John and Freemasonry, discusses why and how they are referenced in our Ritual, and touches on the occasional controversy that arises among some Brothers as to their inclusion in the Ritual. (45 minutes,)

Topic: Ritual
The American System : Why we Used to Open on the Third Degree explains the history and politics of why the Grand Lodge of New York and the American Grand Lodges in general changed in the mid-1800s to mandating opening only on the Third Degree, as well as the work we did to restore the GLNY to the original practice of opening on any Degree. (60 minutes, scholarly)
Topic: Ritual
The Liberal Arts and Sciences in Society and Masonry provides a broad overview of what the Liberal Arts and Sciences are, explains their history and development in Western culture and education, gives an outline of their presence in Masonic legend and Ritual and then proposes some ideas for the message they teach us. (60 minuets scholarly)