There is a wealth of information awaiting Brothers at website. The calendar is open to Lodge and District events and kept up to date regularly. Event Links on the Calendar will open more information.

Getting the word out about your Lodge’s events and fundraisers is just as important as actually hosting them. All the planning the Brothers put into organizing and putting on events, it should be obvious that the more people show up the better the event and everyone benefits.

Sadly we have been gleaning information from other sources or worse, not getting any input on events going on at individual Lodges.

Sincere attempts have been made to make the calendar as complete as possible but we need help. Adding Lodge events to the calendar is easy and only take a few minutes to learn and add hundreds of potential guests to your events. Users events are shared on several Social Media networks once posted.

So what kind of events should be posted on the Suffolk District calendar? Almost any Lodge event.

  • Special Events and/or Fundraisers (i.e. Dinners, Awards presentation, etc.)
  • Degree conferrals (so Lodge mentors can schedule their EAs, FCs & new MMs to see a degree)
  • Brother bring a Friend Nights
  • Concordant Bodies are encouraged to also Post events, degrees, etc on the District Site

So what really should not be posted on the District Website?

  • Stated or Summoned Communications of individual lodges (each Lodge has a page dedicated to their Lodge on the District website that will show communication dates along with contact and additional info)
  • Non masonic related events

So how can I do this you ask? Well in order to post events on the district site, all you need to do is register on the district site here. Once your account is created, ask the WM to inform the webmasters of of their Website Liasion and permission will be granted to post events. This can be done via instant message or email or a phone call, check the Contact Us page.

In order to post events, simply logon to the site, go to your profile and see the desktop bar (charcoal grey icon bar under your name) and click on the events icon. Here you will see any previous events created by you or no events. Click the “Add Event” and fill in the boxes, Title (unique name for your event), Detailed description, Start date and time and end date and time. Add an image to make your event pop.


If you have a flyer there is a Documents tab on the same bar above, click it and add your flyer (preferably in PDF, but word docs, excel and images like .jpg, .bmp, .png are allowed). Message the webmasters to link the doc or image to your event and it will be done.

You can direct message anyone who is registered on the site without knowing their email address. Just look under “My Account” on the site menu and click “Site Members” for a directory to find who you are looking for (only available to logged on users).

Click “Message” to send and instant message to them, or click follow to get notified when the user posts or click add as friend to fine tune your account (more on this later, plus much more).

We have tried to simplify the process as much as possible while maintaining security and confidentiality. So only logged on users may post events or blog posts. If all else fails add the webmasters emails to your Lodge e-communications or even your mailing list so we can be informed of your lodge’s events and get them posted for you.

Although the goal was to allow access to Lodge members to post their own events, we’d just like to get them posted so any Brother from this or any other jurisdiction can find out what is going on in the District in a “one stop shop”. We are happy to link to individual Lodge’s websites and Social Media Pages as well.

Let’s face it the more informed about events in the district the more well attended they are.

Lastly share this post with your Lodge Brothers, especially Lodge Masters and Secretaries of the Suffolk District and encourage all to get the info out there. As well if any Lodge requests it, I’d be willing to make a visit to explain and train Lodge members. Just contact me to make arrangements.