Let’s Talk About Ritual Excellence

With so many things happening around the District it’s sometimes easy to forget that we should always be striving to be the best we can be regarding ritual. So how is ritual excellence measured anyway? Good question!

The Grand Lecturer and AGLs are tasked with ensuring that the ritual is done well in our Lodges and to improve it as much as possible. One way we do this is by encouraging Lodge’s to do degrees with only their own members. To that end some years ago the Henry G. Meacham Award was created. This award should be the goal of every Worshipful Master and the brothers participating in the ritual of their Lodge. For those not familiar with this award and what it entails, I’ll run through it.

Henry G. Meacham Award for Ritual Proficiency
The purpose of the Henry Meacham Award is to recognize lodges throughout the jurisdiction
that demonstrates proficiency in the presentation of our three degrees.
To be eligible for the Henry Meacham Award, a Lodge must use their own members to
demonstrate proficiency in all three degrees within the same Masonic year as follows:
In the Entered Apprentice Degree (EA), Fellowcraft Degree (FC), and Master Mason (MM)
Degree, the Lodge must use their own members to fill the following chairs:
Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Senior Deacon, Junior Deacon, Marshal, Senior
Master of Ceremony, Junior Master of Ceremony. A Lodge must fill the Secretary’s position as
needed for the EA and FC Degrees. A Lodge which does not normally have any of the above nonConstitutional officers may request a waiver for these positions, which may be granted at the sole
discretion of the Grand Lecturer.
The second section of the MM Degree (Drama) is required for the award.
The degrees must be documented by listing the Lodge members name and Grand Lodge
numbers that participated in the degree. The District Name, Lodge Name and Number, the Date and
number of candidates, or exemplar are also required on the application forms. The application form
must be signed by the Worshipful Master and Secretary of the Lodge under the Seal of the Lodge.
A Lodge that omits any section of the required ritual, or adds substantially to any section of the
required ritual is not eligible for the award.
The presentation of the Meacham Award will be presented at the Grand Lecturer’s
Application Criteria:
Click Here for Degree documentation forms.
Other Details:
The Grand Lecturer shall have final say on any matters open to interpretation in this proposal.

It would be very helpful if any Lodge was attempting to apply for the Meacham award, please contact the AGLs of the Suffolk District for guidance and please inform them of the dates and times that the degrees will be held. As a matter of courtesy, all Lodge’s should be notifying the AGLs of any degrees to be conferred as well as all rehearsals. We have noticed that there are degrees being done by Lodge and no district notice has been sent to anyone. For the purposes of just having some guests to fill in the walls it’s always a good idea to send out notice of Lodge Degrees. For those who will be attending the RTE class this Feb/Mar I look forward to discussing this with you all.

Any Mason can contact the AGLs for Ritul question or award questions regarding ritual, including the Meacham Award mention above. Please reach out to either V:.W:. Bob Licata or V:.W:. Bill Arnold via email at or is you check the Ritual page on this website, you will find additional contact info. The fact that neither of the AGLs has been invited to a degree or rehearsal indicates that there have been none this year, which we doubt highly. All joking aside we are here to help in any way we can and will do so on request.