M:.W:. Calvin G. Bond Excellence in Ritual Award

Dear Brothers of the Suffolk Masonic District,

There are many things going on around the jurisdiction and the Suffolk District that should be well known and hopefully well received. The Grand Lecturer, R:. W:. Richard Friedman has been hard at work trying to improve Ritual and Ritual Excellence around the jurisdiction.

One such improvement is the introduction of the M:.W:. Calvin G. Bond “Excellence in Ritual” Award. If you have not heard about this, or you have heard I think you will be pleased with the changes and additions. First let’s have a look at what it’s all about: With some notes in RED

Most Worshipful Calvin G. Bond
“Excellence in Ritual Award”

Rules of Engagement

The District AGL is in charge of the District Competitions and will choose  the judges, location and time of the event. District winners should be  identified by February 28, 2019. (As you can see the timeline has moved up so we’ll be announcing a time for the District competition to send our representatives to the MAGLA competition very soon and the work to be exemplified.)

• All Brothers of any rank or title are welcome to compete. AGLs  and Custodians past and present are exempt from competition. (Again a change here opens up the competition to all Brothers, with some exclusions, explained further below.)

• There will be two divisions; Brothers with fewer than 10 years in  the Craft and Brothers with 10 years or over in the Craft. (This part is exciting and many more Brothers can participate and show their skills in Ritual work, however we have two divisions so it’s fair)

• Lodge Competitions are encouraged although initial District Wide Competitions are fine. (The AGLs will be keeping with the District wide competition, at least this year. However Lodges may hold their own to pick their two representatives to send to the District, highly encouraged of course)

• One selection of Ritual will be used throughout the State. The work on the Trestleboard will be all three sets of working  tools given together. The Regional AGLs are in charge of the Regional Competitions and will choose the judges, location and time of the event. All Regional winners  should be identified by March 31, 2019. The Grand Lecturer and Regional AGLs will be in charge of the Finals and
Finals competitions. We will look to have them in Utica. The winner of the  finals will be identified by April 30, 2019. (As you can see it will be statewide and cover District, Regional (formally MAGLA) then the winner of the regional will go on to the finals, possibly in Utica to take the title for the entire state.)

• The overall winners will present their piece at Grand Lodge and  will receive a special certificate and pin. The runners up will also be
rewarded in a similar manner.

• The provided scoring system is the only system to be used  throughout the State. (The booklet with full details will be provided below)

• Three judges are the minimum allowed for the competition. Five is  highly recommended. The judging team should have two judges
tracking Word Accuracy and Sequencing, two to track  Performance and one swing Judge. All judges will vote in both  sections but dedicated Brothers are responsible.

Please download and read the entire booklet on the competition and the rules and the background of the namesake. If you have any questions please contact the AGLs, V:.W:. William Arnold and/or V:.W:. Robert Licata. We look forward to meeting and seeing the Ritual exemplified by the best ritualists in the District.


To download the info booklet Click Here!

if you have any difficulty obtaining the file please let us know and we’ll get them to you via other means.