Brethren while there is no greater Masonic Title than ‘Brother’ we must also acknowledge that there are those in the Fraternity who have the distinction of being granted different titles to denote an Office that they currently hold or held in the Craft.


DSA – Brothers who have been awarded this great honor are to have “DSA” attached to the back of their name when formally being announced or referred to on Masonic Documents. They are also allowed to attach it when signing anything Masonic.

  1. Bro. Joe Adams. DSA


W:. – This Brother is serving, as or has served, as Master of a Lodge at some point during his Masonic Career. Regardless, he is always to be referred to as Worshipful Adams.


V:.W:. – These Brothers are or have been Assistant Grand Lecturers assigned to a Masonic District and are to be referred to as “Very Worshipful Joe Adams.” Their Aprons are light blue and white with the Seal of Solomon on it.(commonly mistaken for the Star of David)


R:.W:. – These Brothers are or have been a Grand Lodge Officer. Their title is Right Worshipful. Any Brother who has served Grand Lodge and wears a Purple and Gold Apron is to be referred to as Right Worshipful. EX. Right Worshipful Joe Adams.

This title applies to the DD and Staff Officer, the Trustee’s of the Masonic Hall & Home, the Livingston Library, The Grand Line Officers, Deputy Grand Master, etc. 


M:.W:. –  Refers to those few Brothers who have served as Grand Master of the State. EX. Most Worshipful Joe Adams.


With the exception of the title of Worshipful. when a Brother is currently serving as either an AGL or Grand Lodge Officer, his Masonic title should always be preceded by “The.” 

  1. Whoever the current DDGM is should always be referred to as “The Right Worshipful…….” When he has completed his term he is to simply be referred to as “Right Worshipful……”

The reasoning behind this is to differentiate those who are currently serving from those who had served at some time in the past.