Old Town Lodge 2000th Communication 

On Monday, April 24th 2017 members of Old Town Lodge #908 gathered at the Lodge along with many members from around the jurisdiction for Old Town Lodge 2000th Communication. The District Staff Officer, R:. W:. Pete Stokke and the DDGM, R:.W:. Lloyd Patterson were also on hand for the momentous event.

Our own roving District photographer, W:. Al Baker captured some images from the evening’s festivities. You can head on over to the Suffolk District Photo Gallery to have a look. 

Also several awards were presented during the evening, with one being a 50 year member apron and pin. At the time of this writing I do not have the names of the brothers receiving the awards. Please feel free to email me or share the Brothers names in the comments.

Congratulations to the members of Old Town Lodge #908 on their longevity and being able to see the lodge through to its 2000th meeting.