Suffolk East School of Instruction

This year the Grand Lecturer, R:. W:. Richard Friedman, as tasked the AGLs with “Raising the Bar” on ritual work. It is my distinct pleasure and honor to serve as AGL for the the ensuing year. The Brothers of the Suffolk Masonic District make my job all the easier with their commitment to ritual and the excellent performance they already do. Please feel free to contact me concerning any question regarding ritual or if you need or want to add something to your Lodge meeting program.

I am looking forward to working with the Brothers of the District to “Raise the Bar” on ritual in the Suffolk District.

The first of several Schools of Instruction will be held on October 15th at starting at 7 PM sharp at Wamponamon Lodge # 437. 

This will be a very exciting time for the Craft and I would invite all Brothers (Master Masons only) to attend the School of Instruction. Future Schools of Instruction may be open to EA’s and FC’s so please check back often and I am open to other topics for these SoI’s.

The work of the evening will be the exemplification of the revised Hirmaic Legend (Drama) and Historical lecture. This will be open book for the participants of the Drama. So please attend as the Grand Lecturer and the Custodians of the Work are waiting patiently for feedback and comments regarding the revisions to this section of the 3rd degree. I think you will find the revisions to be most enlightening and a great benefit to every Lodge in the district. It is our goal and should be every Lodge’s goal to assure that every Brother raised gets to see the Drama of the 3rd degree.

After the Drama there will be comments and Q & A time. Come ready to learn and provide input, feedback and have some fun in the process.

Again all Master Masons are welcome to this School of Instruction.



V.:W.:Bill Arnold

Assistant Grand Lecturer

Suffolk Masonic District

Suffolk West School of Instruction

The Suffolk West School of Instruction will take place at the Stated Communication of the listed Lodges.

Schedule for 2018-2019 Coming Soon!