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NY Masonic Safety ID Program

A missing child is one of the most terrifying things a parent can ever experience.

As parents, the MSID Executive Committee Members cannot imagine anything more difficult than not knowing where your children are or how they are being treated. Every day across America, children are abducted by family members, acquaintances, and strangers. Families traumatized by abduction are faced with the simultaneous challenge of quickly gathering all available resources to recover their missing child while dealing with the devastation of their loss.

The first several hours after a child, elderly, or disabled person is reported missing can be critical to the successful outcome of the case. Having valuable information about the Child (missing person) ready and at hand for Law enforcement agencies is imperative. The MSID’s FREE Program is designed to help parents with having this information ready and available when needed.

By direction of the Grand Master of Free and Accepted Masons (F. & A. M.) in the State of New York, the responsibility of the NYMSID Program has been delegated to the NYMSID Committee. The Committee Chairman reports to and is responsible to the Grand Master for the effectiveness of the program. In order to have a consistent program throughout the state, the Committee provides assistance and guidance to the District Deputy Grand Masters and their appointed MSID Chairman. The NY Masonic Safety ID Program is sponsored by the Grand Lodge F & AM and is provided FREE of charge to the participant.

It is the MSID Executive Committee’s heartfelt hope that you never have to face the devastation of child abduction.

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Suffolk Masonic Safety ID Events

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Please see the Suffolk District Calendar for Safety ID events.

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