A Return to the Quarries…

Brothers of the Suffolk District,

Summer is almost gone and September is quickly approaching. Soon our Lodge will be active again in the quarries and we’ll be back to labor. Now is the time to dust off those books of the Standard Work and Lectures and start to bring yourself up to speed with our ritual and lets start off the new season strong with great ritual.

V:.W:. Bob Licata and I are running a Summer Ritual Night event at Babylon Lodge #793 in Babylon NY. We will start at 7 Pm sharp so if you planning to attend please be there before 7 PM. It would be helpful if you can notify either of us with any specific parts of the ritual you would like to practice and/or go over. You can reach either/both AGLs by sending and email to

As many of you already know we can now open and close on any of the 3 degrees of Masonry and this is up to the Masters discretion. We encourage all Lodges to do this when appropriate. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about this and if you need the updated work for accomplishing this. We’ll be sure to assure your Ritual Directors have copies for all who need it.

V:.W:. Licata and I would also like a listing of all Lodge’s Ritual Directors for the 2018-2019 season with their contact info. We would like to communicate information regarding ritual and upcoming events as necessary with each Lodge’s Ritual Director. A letter was sent out with the duties and responsibilities of the Lodge Ritual Director from the Ritual Renaissance Program.

One exciting development over the summer is the revisions on the Hiramatic Legend and the Lectures of the 3rd degree. We are excited about the changes and would like to bring the Lodges into some test drives of the new revisions so as to get as much feed back to the Grand Lecturer and the Custodians of the Work as possible. We will be looking for Lodges that will assist in exemplifying this new revision of the Drama at upcoming schools of Instruction to be announced. The School of Instruction Page on Suffolkmasons.com will be updated by the end of the Month with more info on where and where the Schools of Instruction will be held and what Ritual we’ll be focusing on.

We are looking forward to visiting Lodges and Raising the Bar on Masonic Ritual in the Suffolk District. Its going to be an exiting year of Masonic Ritual and it will be fun, don’t miss out!

Please check with the School of Instruction Page on Suffolkmasons.com for updates and further info.


V:.W:. Bill Arnold & V:.W:. Bob Licata

AGLs of the Suffolk Masonic District