The Sign of Fidelity is just that, a sign. It shouldn’t feel entirely comfortable doing it, which is how I know when I do it, I’m doing it right. It is the Masonic equivalent to a Military salute and should be treated as such.

If your pinky is near your belt buckle, you’re doing it wrong. If your hand is covering your belly button, you’re doing it wrong.  If you’re fingers are spread out, you’re doing it wrong. If you’re hand is wrapped around your body, you’re doing it wrong.

The Sign of Fidelity is given as such: Elbow at a 90 Degree angle, hand reaching across your body, not wrapped around it, fingers closed. (if done right, your wrist, center of your chest, and chin should line up properly).

Why do I bring up something so simple? It’s because EA’s, and FC’s look around the Lodge room and emulate what they see from those who have gone this way before them. In a few years time, newer Masons will come into the Craft, and they will emulate those former EA’s & FC’s and the cycle of error will continue.

Hence, if we continue to do something as simple as the Sign of Fidelity wrong, and in such a lazy, lack luster a manner, we not only doom future generations of Masons to doing it wrong but we continue to tarnish our Fraternity as a whole.

Brethren, please keep this in mind the next time you’re at Lodge.



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