Stay at Home and Masonic Ritual Practice


It sounds like a contrite thing to say during this unusual time. However as one of the District AGLs it would seem almost a dereliction of duty not to say it. If you are at home, working from home, etc. why not open the Standard Work and Lectures (2007 or 2019) and get a jump on learning a part of the Ritual.

There are many things one can study up on.

  • If you are and officer make sure you know your part of the open/close of the lodge and the Brother in the chair ahead of you.
  • Also maybe hunker down and learn a lecture or a part of a lecture and be prepared to step up and offer yourself to give lecture or the Q & As.
  • Pick up or download a book on Freemasonry, it’s history, philosophy or other aspect.
  • Maybe you are a content sideliner, what better time to get the Middle Chamber lecture put to memory.

There are a mirriod of books, ideas and things to study when it comes to Freemasonry and it’s ritual, customs and philosophy. When we emerge from this stay at home and return to lodge it should be an awakening as we have all had the time to commit a few minutes a day to study.

Below are some links to sites geared toward helping with memorization and techniques one can use to do it with low stress.

Tips for memorizing Ritual

Learning and Memorizing Ritual – PDF

You Tube video on successful memorization