Successful 2017 Grand Lecturer Convention

Despite the threat of old man winter coating the Island with more snow, Smithtown Lodge was full of Brothers. As the Brothers gathered and filed into the Lodge room there was that fraternal spirit in the air that a full lodge room brings. R:.W:. DDGM Lloyd Patterson opened the convention and passed the gavel to R:.W:. Richard Kessler Grand Lecturer of the Grand Lodge of the State of NY.

As the Grand Lecturer came down on the level to speak to the Brothers assembled, he began to explain what we would be seeing. A selection of several Brothers from several Lodges would be presenting sections of the Middle Chamber lecture to all. After each section there would be discussion.

The Middle Chamber was started by Bro. Mike Sokel of Potunk Lodge #1071 & Riverhead Lodge #645. The section was from the beginning, on the porch between the pillars. R:.W:. George Emmons then took the first 3 of the winding stairs, W:. Garry Gudzik took the next 5 steps and Bro. Joe Lombardo took the last 7. Bro. Robert Smith then took the final section to present to the WM, W:. Craig Riha, Master of Smithtown Lodge #1127 completed the lecture doing the Master’s work. All participants are to be congratulated and applauded for the fine job done on this most difficult of lectures. Also participating in the lecture/discussion session were 3 Fellowcrafts from around the District. 

Between each section the Grand Lecturer stopped to engage the Brothers present and get them to think about what was being said during the section of the lecture. Asking questions of the Brothers present to look deeper into the meaning of the words and how presented as well as why.

R:.W:. Kessler’s delivery style is fun and engaging. It makes it a pleasure to attend and also made the time fly by. By asking deep thinking questions of the Brothers and trying to elicit from them deep thoughts about what it may all mean beyond what may be common knowledge, I think all present learned something of their Craft that they didn’t know before.

At times after R:.W:. Kessler asked a question of the Brothers, you could almost feel the contemplation of the collective minds at work. When nobody seemed to rise to answer and room got quiet, there was W:. John Scapitci of Dongan Patent Lodge #1134 to offer his insight and wisdom. The Grand Lecturer even offered to take W:. Scapatici on the road with him.

R:.W:. Richard J. Kessler then spoke about masonry being a 24-7 way of life It’s a way of living. A message and the theme of the the M:.W:. Jeffrey Williamson, Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York.

As stated earlier attendance was exceptional and as the Convention was coming to a close it was time to see what Lodge sent the most Brothers and officers for the coveted Potts & Attendance Awards. Two Lodges attended that came out with the Potts award.

Suffolk #60 with 20 Brothers and officers, who also captured the attendance award held last year by Riverhead Lodge #645. Riverhead Lodge however did come close to keeping the attendance award for a second year with 18 Brothers and officers. Just about every Lodge in the District was represented, which was also nice to see.

Riverhead Lodge #645 receiving the Potts Award

Suffolk Lodge #60 receiving the Potts award










After the Convention the time came for the Suffolk MAGLA Competition to decide who would be representing the Suffolk District at Grand Lodge. Congratulations to:

  • Bro. Joe Lombardo of Star of the East Lodge #843
  • As backup – Bro. Vincent Night of Suffolk Lodge #60

All who competed deserve congratulations and a job well done. Bro. Lombardo will do an excellent job for the Suffolk District at Grand Lodge I am sure.

Of course a hearty thanks and congratulations should go to the AGLs of the Suffolk District, V:.W:. Patrick Motyka and V:.W:. Frank Bickley for the all the hard work in putting the Grand Lecturer’s convention together and getting to run smoothly.

The AGL’s also ask that you keep thinking and asking questions. Also that if you’d like to ask a question of the Grand Lecturer, R:. W:. Richard Kessler, you still may. You can go to the Grand Lodge website and have a look at the Grand Lecturer’s webpage there. There is a form you can send questions right to the Grand Lecturer.

You can find that HERE.

V:.W:. Patrick Motyka reminded all of some upcoming dates to remember.

  • Polish Hall will be April 21st must purchase ticket in advance.
  • May 13th will be the Deputy Grand Masters Town Hall.
  • May 20th District Investiture
  • June 3rd North Star training

After the convention and the MAGLA was done then there was the dinner. The members of Smithtown Lodge did an awesome job at feeding the many Brothers that attended. If you could not make the convention this year you missed an exceptional one. I for one am looking forward to next year’s Grand Lecturer’s Convention.