5 Majestic Court Centereach N.Y. 11720

R:.W:. Kevin G, McCauley

District Deputy Grand Master Of the Suffolk District

Phone 631-275-8056




Most of you are aware of the trouble that Suffolk 60 has endured due to the rain storm Tuesday night. They had 3’ of water in their collation room, which they had recently renovated. Including the installation of an automatic sump pump for when the water rises in the underground river, which runs under the building. The pump could not keep up with the amount of water coming in. They have been doing a lot of work to improve their Lodge which also means they have spent a significant amount of money. They just refinished their preparation room and spent $25,000.00 replacing their heating system.

This tragic storm damage has financially hurt our Brothers and now they need our help. They lost 3 refrigerators, all their lower kitchen cabinets and possibly their stove. I am asking all Lodges and Brothers to either make a donation financially or if anyone may have spare items such as refrigerators, or cabinets.

They may be in need in almost $10,000 worth of material. Please contact Worshipful Terry Sanders for further details at either 631-903-2353 or .

Cordially and Fraternally Yours;

R:.W:. Kevin G. McCauley

District Deputy Grand Master Of the Suffolk District