The Return of the Suffolk District Traveling Gavel

In a recent meeting of the Suffolk Masters and the DDGM the Suffolk District Traveling gavel is back!

The point of the Suffolk District Traveling Gavel has been and is to encourage Masons to travel and visit Lodges in the district. It’s always nice to welcome visiting Brethren, even if they are there to capture the gavel. It’s also fun and makes the meeting more interesting. So it’s a win/win for all.

As of 12/6/2017 – Connetquot Lodge #838 has possession of the Suffolk District Traveling Gavel, after capturing it from Riverhead Lodge #645 at their Official visit of the DDGM on 12/5/17. 

Riverhead Lodge #645 – 1 point

Connetquot Lodge #838 – 1 point

The Suffolk District Traveling Gavel page will be updated weekly and detail Where is the Traveling Gavel and what the point totals are for each Lodge.

There is a varied and interesting history to the Traveling Gavel as well as the actual gavel that is in use around the district. check the Suffolk District Traveling Gavel Page for more details and the rules (there has to be at least some rules…).