The AGLs of the Suffolk District, V:.W:. Bob Licata and V:.W:. Bill Arnold, are planning on holding several schools of instruction across the Suffolk District this season. The Grand Lecturer, R:.W:. Richard Friedman, has given us our marching orders and we’re fully on board and excited for the coming Masonic year working in the quarries with the Brothers of the Suffolk Masonic District.

As the theme this year the Grand Lecturer has tasked us with “Raising the Bar” on ritual on our respective districts and we are started early  with the Summer Ritual Nights at Riverhead Lodge and Babylon Lodge. If you missed it, you missed some great and fun news. There is a new draft in the works for the Hiramic Legend/Drama.

The first part of the year the AGLs will be focusing on exemplifying the new draft at the School of Instruction. This will be an open book read through with all parts. We think that Brothers that see the new revisions to the drama will see the truth of it and appreciate the changes that were made to make it more workable for all Lodges in every district.

The first School of Instruction will be held on Monday, October 15th, 2018 at 7 PM sharp at Wamponomon Lodge in Sag Harbor. 

All Master Masons are invited and encouraged to come out and see the exemplification of the new draft version of the Drama. The Custodians of the work have been working diligently and burning the midnight oil getting this ready for us and they really need the feedback from the members of the Suffolk District. There will be coffee and donuts prior to the School of Instruction.

The AGLs of the Suffolk District are excited and pleased to present this work and we hope to get all feedback from those that attend back to the Grand Lecturer and the Custodians of the Work, both positive and negative as soon as possible. The hope is to have this draft approved for use at the next Grand Lodge Communication.

We hope to see many brothers at the School of Instruction this year and eager to learn the ritual that is the lifeblood of Freemasonry and “Raise the Bar” on ritual work done in the Suffolk Masonic District.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

V:.W:. Bill Arnold & V:.W:. Bob Licata

AGLs of the Suffolk Masonic District

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