The Traveling Gavel goes West

Last night at the Stated Communication of Riverhead Lodge #645, two Lodges went head to head to capture the Suffolk District Traveling Gavel.

As the Brothers of Riverhead Lodge #645 began to gather for their collation and eventual Communication, Brothers from several Lodge also began to arrive. The Sr. Warden, Bro. Mike Sokel, reported that at the start of the meeting there were 8 Brothers and members of Star of the East Lodge #843. They seemed confident that their numbers were enough to capture the covent Suffolk District Traveling gavel. 

Another group of Brothers from Babylon Lodge #793 arrived with a total of 9 Brothers and clinched the victory and captured the Traveling Gavel for their Lodge.

A fun night and Brotherhood abounded at Riverhead Lodge #645. The Suffolk District Traveling Gavel now resides at Babylon Lodge #793. Their next Stated Communication is on February 28th at 7:30 PM, at which they will be conferring the 2nd degree, at Babylon Lodge #793, 250 W. Main St., Babylon, NY 11702

Who will capture the gavel next…Stay tuned and remember you have to be in it to win it.

If you and your Lodge Brothers would like to capture the Gavel for your Lodge, The rules can be found on the Traveling Gavel Page HERE.