To Knock or Not to Knock!

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” – Matthew 7.7
We have all heard about these knocks, their meaning and what they mean to us as Freemasons. I saw the cartoon below and started to wonder how true was this? Did I knock on the door of Freemasonry without even thinking about it? Who else may have just knocked as something inside say knock on that door, we’ll worry about the details later. That inner voice that is part fortitude but mostly curiosity, insatiable curiosity. This same inner voice sent millions over land, sea and into space, looking for more , that drive to discover and learn. To the Freemason I think it also means to absorb and to reflect. 

I can’t explain the man that knocks on the doors of Freemasonry and demands entrance only to shun that light even before seeing it fully. In my case the more light I was exposed to the brighter I wanted that light to shine and the more I wanted to observe and discover. But I can say sometimes we are looking so inward we don’t notice those knocking or just coming into the light. In a way you could say we block the light or cast a shadow if we stand too long or too close.

Circumpunct or point within a circle


Think of the symbol of the point within a circle or circumpunct. But instead of the self being the center and the circle a boundary, the light is the center and Freemasonry is the circle. An unbroken line of 360 degrees. If one of us were to move inward toward the center it would obscure that light to some on the circle. The closer we get the more gets obscured to those behind.

Back to the door and the knocking. How many men have gone into the portals of the temple and how many have not returned. Are we obscuring the light too much?

If you are wondering about the knocks, You can refresh your memory here -> Three Distinct Knocks




There are many reason why men knock on the doors of Freemasonry and seek what is inside. Some may think to the significance of the “3”, insomuch as not only why I am knocking but how I knock.

What follows a really good short piece of the secrecy of Three.

The Secret of Three : Is It Really A Secret?

by Midnight Freemason Guest Contributor
Bro. Lary A. Saladin, Jr., M.P.S.

As Freemasons, we know of the number three. Your first step in Masonry includes three distinct knocks. In Blue Lodge there are three degrees, the last being that of Master Mason, which is the most important degree of all. There were three original Grand Masters and There are three top officers; Worshipful Master, Senior Warden and Junior Warden. There are three greater lights in Freemasonry as well is the three lesser lights. We also know of these three words; Wisdom, Strength and Beauty. The highest degree in the Scottish Rite has two three’s.

Christians: There is the Holy Trinity; The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. The number three is significant in many initiatory and spiritual traditions. There were two additional men that were crucified at the time of Jesus. He was crucified at the third hour, was on the cross for three hours and rose from his grave on the third day. There were three wise men that visited Jesus and left three gifts. Along with Christianity there are an additional two main Abrahamic religions; Judaism and Islam. In the bible, Peter denies knowing Jesus three times then later says he loves him three times. Both 666 and 777 consist of three digits. During his ministry, Jesus raised three people from the dead. Jesus also fulfilled the three offices of Prophet, Priest and King.

Life itself: Time is divided into three parts: past, present and future. Three is the first of four perfects numbers. Why does the number three seem so prominent in our existence? How does Christianity cross-reference with Freemasonry. Is there a connection between the two? We strongly emphasize that we are not a religious fraternal organization and at one point the Catholic Church slandered our craft.

Quite a few of our brethren have discussed with me that the number three is secret in Freemasonry. Is it really? Just in this brief amount of information, I’ve exposed that the number three is everywhere in our lives. It always has and always will be there. Aside from the Freemasons, quite a few other esoteric “groups” surround much of their ritual around this popular number.


Lary A. Saladin, Jr., M.P.S. is a music producer, writer, small business owner and a Freemason from the Chicago area. His interests include: Masonic Studies, World History, Music, Mythology, Conspiracy Theories, Mental Health and Self-Improvement. Lary holds the title of Master Mason in Illinois at Riverside Lodge No. 862 under the Grand Lodge of Illinois A.F. & A.M. He will shortly be starting his degrees in the York Rite and also joining the Scottish Rite. As an active member of The Masonic Society, The Scottish Rite Society (S.J.), The Philalethes Society and the Illinois Lodge of Research, Lary continues to educate himself as well as others on Masonic lineage and traditions. Lary recently published his short autobiography about his lifelong battle with depression. “My Struggle, My Battle, My Achievement” as well as a book on Mozart and Freemasonry.

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