Tracking the Suffolk District Traveling Gavel

Well the Suffolk District Traveling gavel is making its rounds this Masonic season. It has come to our attention that some still do not know where to track the current location of the traveling gavel. So a committee was formed and many ideas were floated and discussed. Among the most promising were to add a GPS tracker to the gavel and publish the locator URL for anyone to see exactly where the gavel is at any one time. We’ll endeavor to see if this possible.We also considered calling up the nice people at NORAD as they seem willing to track Santa each year, so this would be a much easier task. 

All joking aside the best place to go to find the District Gavel’s current location is right here on the Suffolk District website. WE do try and keep things as up to date as possible as much as our cable tows allow. There are several places we put markers and icons to show the gavel’s location.

First there is a Traveling gavel page, right here -> The Suffolk District Traveling Gavel you can click on the blue gavel to be taken to the Lodge page that has possession currently. There is also a leaderboard and the current rules (as determined by the Masters & Wardens Association).

Next on the Lodges Page here -> Suffolk District Lodges, there is a gavel icon under the Lodge that currently has possession

Also this info is copied to the Suffolk District BAND App. Never heard about BAND? Well it’s the mobile app the district uses to communicate what’s happening round the district. If you need or want to sign up and be part of the notifications and all the power of the BAND, just ask or look here for directions – > Suffolk District BAND

Just for good measure I’ll include the BAND QR Code invite. Just scan this with your iPhone or Android and it will take you to the Apple App store or Google Play store respectively and you will need to download the app and answer the questions to be verified and voila, your in. The key thing to note is that all events posted to the BAND are transferred automatically to the Suffolk Masons website (up to 24 hours may pass before it appears) on the website District Calendar.

So as you can see there are a myriad of ways to find out what is happening in and around the Suffolk Masonic District. Please feel free to contact if you have any questions. We’d be happy to help you get connected. It behooves us to come together as a BAND of Brothers we extol and profess to be. Supporting each other and our District Lodges. So the more you know about what’s happening the better. Also Lodge’s that put the word out about events get participation.