Uncomplicate Ritual – Invite your District AGLs

Is your Lodge having a degree soon or planning rehearsals? It’s a lot to get done for the WM or the Ritual Director at a lodge, we know we’ve been there. As the District AGLs the Ritual is what we do. Last year we were preoccupied with the release of the revised drama for the standard work and lectures. This year we’d like to help the Lodge become proficient in working in the Standard Work and Lectures for all Lodges in the Suffolk District.

To that end please keep us on your mailing lists and notifications of Lodge Degrees and especially the rehearsals. We are here to serve the District and improve Ritual as much as possible. The Grand Lecturer, R:.W:. Richard Friedman has tasked us with “Raising the Bar” on Ritual. The good news is the Suffolk District has always done great ritual and takes pride in that. However we all know there is always room for improvement.

We have been at as many degrees as humanly possible and we hope to see more this coming Sept 2019 – June 2020. But we need your help to know when and where. To that end the Suffolkmasons.com website has a calendar. The calendar is automatically updated with events from the BAND app that has been deployed to keep all Masons in the District “in the know”. Make sure your Lodge is adding events to the District BAND and they will be added to the website calendar within 24-48 hours.

It’s always better with advanced notice so your should be adding events and degrees planned as soon as possible. Please also add the rehearsals as well. If possible one or both AGLs can attend your rehearsal and give some assistance or help were needed.

Also the District is working on a Document repository for all sorts of helpful docs for degrees and alike. Also keep in mind Lodges seeking the Meecham Award will need to submit the proper forms for each degree they successfully complete and notify the AGLs prior to the degree so we can verify and sign-off.

We hope the coming season will be fun and exciting for all and we hope to see many degrees and be of service to the Lodges of the Suffolk District. We’ll be scheduling a visit with all Lodges during the 2019-2020 season or observe an opening and closing. Look for notices of Schools of Instruction to be held in seval Lodges this coming season. We look forward to seeing our Brothers had at work in the Quarries.

You can reach both of the AGLs at a single email address ->


V:.W:. William Arnold – 631-786-2313

V:.W:. Robert Licata – 516-398-3577