Welcome to the Collation Room

The Suffolk District Website has several features that should be highlighted. In this post we’ll focus on one part, the Suffolk District Online Collation Room. So what is it? It’s a fancy name for a Chat room. Or for those familiar with Facebook, a Wall.

The Collation room is not accessible unless you have registered and are logged onto the Suffolk District Website. You can do that here of course. Once registered, approved and logged on you can access The Collation Room and other areas.

So how do I get there? Well it’s easy. Once you are logged on, new menu items are added. Look for the “My Account” on the top menu bar and place mouse pointer on it (if on a touch screen – touch and hold). A drop down will appear.

Menu items that have a down carat (upside down) triangle, means there is more.

Just Click on “The Collation Room” link and you will be taken to the chat page.

What is it?

So what can I do here? OK it’s like a mini FB page for member of the Suffolk District. You can discuss topics, pose or respond to questions, post pics, status, etc. Of course it should all be Masonic in nature. GO ahead show off your Lodge and what your Brothers are up to. Share ideas of what works as a fundraiser in your area, a special moment like a 50 year award, etc. There really is no limit.

These posts should be short, under 500 characters, so be brief and to the point. For longer Posts on select topics, submit a Masonic Article that will appear in the “Latest Posts” and in the monthly newsletter.

When new Articles are published they will also appear here; also when someone registers and is approved they will appear here. When that happens, as always we should welcome them. 

The Collation Room is also an aggregate of each members wall posts. If you want to make posts on your own wall or see only your own posts, you can do that from your profile under the activity tab.

Click on My Profile and then scroll down to Info Bar

You can post images by clicking on the small camera icon in the lower left corner of the wall post. 


Also just like other social media you can #hashtag and @mention other members. Hashtags are just a ‘tag’ to any word phrase you like so it is highlighted and shows up in hashtags on the right of the screen. So if a lodge had or is having a function that like a 3rd degree, you could hashtag it – #AnyLodge3rdDegree somewhere in the text and when posted it will turn blue and become a link as well as be listed in the trending hashtags box. This way a visitor can click on the trending hashtags and only posts with this hashtag will be displayed.

Notice the phrase is all one word, no spaces. Make up whatever hashtags you like, i.e. #SomeLodgeSpaghettiDinner or #OurLodgeGolfOuting. Of course you’d want to put your Lodge name in and not just Some Lodge.


A “mention” is to specifically mention another user. So if a Brother gave a brilliant part of ritual or a great lecture, etc and I wanted to mention him by name, it’s easy. Just add an “@” and begin typing his name. If he is a registered member of Suffolk District website, a box will appear under where you are typing and you can click on the member’s name and it will be placed in the text for you. The member will also get notified that he was mentioned in a post under notifications.

Final Thoughts

The Collation Room is just a tool for member to use to keep in touch, mention things of Masonic interest, learn and explore. As a reminder, although it is not accessible to the general public, it is NOT a tiled Lodge room and all should be mindful of what is discussed if discussing anything like ritual, etc.

The Collation Room Wall is self policing in that those that post can police themselves. We all know how to act, so this should not be something to dwell on but if something is posted which may be questionable, there is a “report post” function on the top right of every wall post and reply. Click it if you think it needs to be edited or deleted from the wall. You can edit/delete your own wall posts but not other’s posts.

We hope you use some of these tools available to members of the Suffolk Masonic Distrct to better connect all parts and members of the Lodges within the district. Interact inside and outside of our Lodges with Brothers from all over.