The Suffolk Masonic District Educational Services

Services Offered

The Grand Lodge Staff Officer for Suffolk District conducts the following corses

The Masonic Development Course

The Masonic Development Course (MDC) is a course for all brothers, new and old to learn about the 3 degrees of Freemasonry in more detail and depth. Reading, workbook and discussion about these topics will new brothers and those who have more experience makes for a very informative session about Freemasonry.

The course is in 3 sessions, in the evening or Saturday mornings. The locations TBA. You must make 3 sessions (1st, 2nd and 3rd degree) to get a certificate of completion. So, if you opt for the Saturday morning but mis one, you can attend a weekday evening session on the same topic and get the credit.

Look for the announcement from the Grand Lodge Staff Officer for dates and times and register for the class. If there is any cost involved the GLSO will notify all registrants.

The Road to the East

The Road to the East Course (RTE) is primarily for those Master Mason who are or would like to become officers in a Lodge and soon or own day become Worshipful Master of the Lodge.

The RTE course is in 4 sessions and like the MDC, all 4 sessions either in the weekday evening or Saturday morning must be attended to receive credit for the course. Unlike the MCD curse the RTE course is required for all before being installed as WM in the East.

Topics of Interest for the RTE are Lodge operations, finances, Masonic Law, etc. Discussion is also a large part of the course, so it behooves the students to ask questions on the topics being presented.

Look for the announcement from the Grand Lodge Staff Officer for the Suffolk Masonic District, registration is required to attend the class, although it is open to all Master Masons.

The Master's Chair

The Master’s Chair course is given by the Grand Lodge Staff Officer and well-informed Brothers of the District. This course is primarily for incoming Masters-elect, but the GLSO may open it up to all Master Masons of the District.
Look for the announcement of the course and date and register when it becomes available.

NorthStar Program

The NorthStar Project is The Grand Lodge of New York’s initiative for meeting and mentoring new Masons in the State of New York.

The Suffolk Masonic District Courses and Registration page.

The 2023 Course Registration is below. All courses are led by the Suffolk District GLSO.


2024 RTE Class Announcement

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2024 RTE Letter to Brothers_1_8_24

Register for the upcoming NorthStar Project Course on December 4th, 2023.

Please complete the below registration form and click submit. Please have your dues card ready as your Grand Lodge Number is required to register.

RTE Registration
Please provide your GL Number from your dues card.
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The RTE Course has a fee of $50. Once you register a confirmation message will be displayed with the address to mail your check (also on the GLSO announcement letter). The GLSO will receive your registration via email.