Alcyone Lodge No.695

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Alcyone Lodge No. 695
162 Main St.
Northport NY 11768
631 757-4949
Alcyone 695 OLP

Meetings: 8:00 PM on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday except July and August.

Directions: LIE to exit 53N, Sagtikos/Sunken Meadow Parkway. Head north on Sagtikos/Sunken Meadow Parkway to 25A (this is at the end of Sunken Meadow). Drive west on 25A for approximately 5 miles. This will take you to a 5 road intersection (Waterside is on your right) Do not follow Waterside but bear right to Main Street. The Temple is located at 162 Main Street.

Lodge History

About the year 1867, there were approximately twenty Master Masons residing in the village of Northport and Commack, most of whom hailed from Jephtha Lodge No. 494 of Huntington. Desirous of forming a lodge in the village of Northport, they organized a masonic club and began the preliminary work of organizing a masonic lodge. By laws were written, and an initiation fee of $25.00 and annual dues of $3.00 were agreed upon, officers for the proposed lodge were selected, and numerous meetings were held to rehearse the ritual to assure proficiency in the standard work.

Finally all was ready. All that was needed was the consent of Jephtha Lodge, which at the time it had been reluctant to grant. Bro. William H. Sammis, who had served as Junior and Senior Warden in Jephtha Lodge, was able to persuade the lodge to grant its consent on September 28, 1868. The necessary documents, praying for a dispensation authorizing the brethren to establish a lodge to be located in the village of Northport, N.Y. and to be known as Northport Lodge, were prepared and presented to Grand Lodge.

March 5, 1869 was the birthday of Alcyone Lodge. It was not an easy birth since the Grand Master objected to the original name of the lodge, Northport Lodge. A committee was appointed to select a suitable name for the lodge. The choice was soon narrowed to two names: Alcyone and Aquila; however, after much discussion a single name could not be agreed upon. To avoid disharmony in the craft, it was decided that each name would be written on four separate slips of paper with one being drawn from a hat.

The Rough and Perfect Ashlers, which are still in the East, were presented to the lodge on April 16, 1869. However, the name was incorrectly engraved Alcione. On October 22, 1869, a delegation of brethren from Jephtha Lodge No. 494 donated a set of officer’s jewels as a token of affection. These jewels are still in use today.

November 16, 1875 marked the Lodges first communication in its present Lodge room. On January 31, 1916 the Lodge purchased the temple and the adjoining buildings. However, the Great Depression afflicted hardships on the lodge and the temple was foreclosed. Through the outstanding efforts of a few of their members, they eventually reacquired the temple in 1946. In 1953 the Lodge fulfilled its financial obligations and received the deed.

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