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Message from District Deputy Grand Master



Our district is home to sixteen Masonic Lodges and over 2,000 Masons. Suffolk County is located in the eastern half of Long Island, New York. The second largest county in New York State, it is 86 miles in length and 26 miles in breadth and houses one and a half million people within its borders. Suffolk County has a long a distinguished history which goes back before colonial times and yes, George Washington (a Mason) slept here….more than once! Once a highly agricultural area, much of Suffolk’s farmland has given way to its burgeoning wineries. Suffolk County has become a highly diverse area, replete with seaside villages along both coasts, communities and industrial parks in the middle and some of the world’s best beaches in the outlying areas.

It is also where the Lodges of the Suffolk Masonic District meet to do their work…and what great work it is! For it is here that our Lodges hold their regular meetings, full of fraternal brotherhood. It is also where the Masons of Suffolk District do their community service, which includes but is not limited to Masonic Safety Child I.D. Programs, blood drives, and the Hospital Visitation Programs at both the Northport Veterans Center and the Long Island State Veterans Home in Stony Brook, to name but a few. One can also see our Masons marching in Memorial Day and July 4th parades.

Freemasonry is the oldest fraternity in the world, going back at least 600 years, and probably beyond. Originating from the craft guilds of medieval Europe, our present form of Masonry formally began in 1717 when four Lodges in London combined to form the Grand Lodge of England. Having received our charter in 1781 from the Duke of Atholl, Freemasonry has been active in New York State for over 230 years. The current Grand Master of Masons in the state of New York is M:.W:. William J. Thomas. Our state administrative offices are found at our Grand Lodge at 71 West 23rd St., New York, N.Y.

Should you wish further information on Freemasonry, I refer you to other articles on this website. For further information on Freemasonry in Suffolk, please contact the webmaster.


               R:.W:.Ed Bartels                                         R:.W:.Lloyd Patterson
     District Deputy Grand Master                                Grand Sword Bearer
         Suffolk Masonic District                                     of The Grand Lodge
                                                                                 of The State of New York
             215 West 20th Street                                       1540 Pine Acres Blvd
            Deer Park, NY 11729                                      Bayshore, NY 11706
            (631) 242-0283 home                                      (631) 647-5387 home
             (646) 820-4248 cell                                         (631) 220-8188 cell
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