The Suffolk Masonic District is located in and encompasses all of Suffolk County, New York State’s easternmost county, which is why we often remark that the sun rises first on Masonry in Suffolk District! Located on Long Island, Suffolk County is surrounded on three sides by water, the easternmost part being split into two forks; the north fork, home of most of Long Islands farms and wineries, and the south fork, known for the Hamptons and the Montauk Light House. Being approximately 85 miles long by 20 miles wide, Suffolk County is one of New York State’s larger counties, populated by 1.5 million residents.

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New York Masons Donate to Disaster Relief… “A Way of Life”

MW Jeffrey M. Williamson had the honor of presenting a $100,000.00 check to MW Simon LaPlace, PGM (CT) Executive Secretary of the Masonic Service Association of North America. This check encompassed the incredible outpouring of donations given by individual Masons, Lodges and Districts within the Grand Lodge of the State of New York for disaster relief in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

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Each year the George Washington Masonic Historic Site at Tappan Committee of our New York Grand Lodge marks the anniversary of the birth of our distinguished and revered Masonic Brother GEORGE WASHINGTON. Well known as our nation’s first President and founding father, his Excellency George Washington set a most noble example as President, military hero, commanding general, cherished Masonic Brother and leader in our gentle craft.

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