March 8th 2021

Fraternal Greetings reader,

Suffolk District Newsletter. Vol.4 Issue 5

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 Just a reminder...Here you will find info about upcoming events, articles of interest and other items every Mason in the district should know. The newsletter will be published monthly to subscribers. The newsletter will be distributed on the first of every month.

Deadline for submission of events or articles will be the 25th of the month before release.

Also as a reminder members of Suffolk Lodges are encouraged to register, login and post their own Lodge's events, happenings and articles of interest to spread the word about what the Lodges in the District are doing. 

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Dates and times of events as of May 2020

For more information on the below events click on the "More information" link below the event, if more information is available or Click the link above to go the Suffolk District Web Calendar.


Don't see your Lodge's event here? Join the BAND and load the app and add your Lodge events there and they will be synced with the district web calendar. These will be included as events/fundraisers included in the next newsletter. Got questions? Contact the Webmasters to find out how. See below for BAND details.

A Night at the Races Benefit

A Night at the Races Benefit

A Night at the Races Benefit District Benevolent Fund fundraiser that is to be held on Saturday, July 18th at the Riverhead Raceway.  The District will be entering a school bus in the demolition derby and the raceway is reserving an entire section of seating for District at the start / finish line.  This should be a great night of …

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2020 LIPMA Summer Dinner

2020 LIPMA Summer Dinner

2020 LIPMA Summer Dinner Save the Date! This year's LIPMA Summer Dinner will again be held at Lands End in Sayville. The LIPMA Exec committee has worked hard all year to make some changes and make the event enjoyable to all who attend. This year the LIPMA Executive Committee has changed the format for the Summer Dinner. The attire for …

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A New Normal? Happening now and in the future

A New Normal? Happening now and in the future

A New Normal? Happening now and in the future What have we learned over the past month or so during this crisis? As the M:.W:. William Sardone reminds us; "Freemasonry never stops". There is always something to do or get involved in even while at home. So initiatives we have seen from the District and Jurisdiction show how even though …

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from the AGLs

Important Documents and Forms

Is your Lodge looking for the Meacham Award. Remember there are qualifiers and requirements. Check the Document Library Page to find and download the paperwork. 

More useful docs and info being posted there soon so keep a lookout on this page. You must have a logon to access the Document Library page. If you a MM in good standing sign up and make sure you have the latest info and forms.


More Info...

Join the BAND of Brothers

All Lodges in the District depend of each other for fundraisers and their own activities. To better promote and share these events a BAND site has been created.  If you are a member of a Lodge in the Suffolk Masonic District, you can join BAND on your mobile and have up to date info on events and happenings. Its easy and will be the only way to add events to the District Calendar going forward. The BAND events calendar and the calendar are sync'd once a day. Plus you can add posts, set "to do" lists, set attendance and RSVP s for your events, plus more.

So what events can be published? Simple!

• Fundraisers at your Lodge 

• Lodge events that are open to the District and/or public. (i.e. public installations, apron presentations, etc.)

• Conferral of Degree dates. (its important that degree dates are published as brothers should be afforded the opportunity to come and support the Lodge and the new brothers)

• Special Communications (if of interest to the District)

• Official Visits of the DDGM and Staff Officer (these will normally be posted by the admins as soon as they are known).

So what should not be published on the BAND or District Calendar? Easy!

• Stated Lodge Communications (these times and dates are posted on each Lodge's page on

• Degree rehearsals (these should be conveyed to the AGLs however)

If your Lodge wishes to start a BAND for the Lodge, it's even easier as  you can one click post on other BANDS the kinds of events and posts you would like to get out to the District. 

So how to you get started? Simple aim your phone (with a QR reader) at the code below and you will be taken to the Google Play for Android or the iPhone App Store for Apple and download the BAND App. After verification of your email or phone #, you will be added to the Suffolk Masonic District BAND. No QR reader on your phone? No problem, you can use the link HERE as well. 

Although you can access BAND via a PC or Desktop it is really designed best for mobile. 

If you'd like to join BAND but now sure how from above you can contact me (Bill Arnold) via text and I can send the invite directly to your mobile smartphone. My cell is 631-786-2313. 

Use the QR code below to add yourself to the Suffolk District BAND app. You will need to verify your email or phone# and once done you can logon with either or your Facebook or Google+ account. 

*NOTE when joining please use your real name (it's a closed/Secret BAND) so no one can see it but members and please add your Lodge name and number to your account profile. 


Continue to Be Social...

We will continue to maintain the FB presence for general use and event promotion. So please join the Suffolk District FB group below if your a FB user.